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Sénat (Senate)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Parliament / Parlement
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Sénat / Senate
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Assemblée nationale / National Assembly
Electoral Law 9 March 2006
Loi N° 06/006
Mode of designation indirectly elected 108
Constituencies (not applicable - indirect election)
Voting system Proportional: (Members are elected by the Provincial Assemblies)
Each Senator is elected with two substitutes. They replace him according to the established rules should the senator die, resign, be permanently unable to perform his duties, be serving a criminal sentence or be subject to incompatibilities provided for under electoral law.
Voter requirements (not applicable - members are elected by the Provincial Assemblies)
Eligibility - Qualified voters
- Congolese nationality
- Age: 30 years minimum
- Enjoyment of full civil and political rights

- Persons deprived of their civil and political rights
- Persons tried for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity by an international criminal court
- Undischarged bankruptcy
- Persons with medically-certified complete mental incapacity during the five years prior to the elections
- Civil servants and public administration agents who, by the closing date for the submission of candidatures, have not produced evidence of their request for release from their functions
- Management executives of public or semi-public firms who, by the closing date for the submission of candidatures, have failed to tender their resignation
- Magistrates who, by the closing date for the submission of candidatures, have failed to show that they have tendered their resignation
- Members of the army and the Congolese national police force that have not proven, by the closing date for the submission of candidatures, that their resignation has been accepted or that they have effectively retired from service
- Members of the independent Elections Commission at all levels, including staff.
Incompatibilities - Members of the Senate
- Members of government
- Members of a democracy-promoting institution
- Members of the armed forced, national police and security services;
- Magistrates
- Career public servants
- Local government administration executives holding political-administrative office, with the exception of heads of local authorities, chieftainships and local associations;
- Management executives of public enterprises
- Members of the President of the Republic's cabinet, the Prime Minister's cabinet, the Speaker of the National Assembly's cabinet, the President of the Senate's cabinet, members of government and generally members of a political or administrative State authority, employees of a public or semi-public enterprise
- Holders of any other elected office
- Persons discharging functions for which they are remunerated by a foreign State or international body.
Candidacy requirements (not applicable - indirect election)

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