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Majles Addawla (State Council)

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Parliament name Majles
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majles Addawla / State Council
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majles A'Shura / Consultative Council
Electoral Law 1 January 1997
Royal Decree 1997
Mode of designation appointed 85
Constituencies N/A (members are appointed)
Voting system : N/A (members are appointed)
Voter requirements N/A (members are appointed)
Eligibility - Omani nationality by origin;
- Age: 40 years and over;
- Persons of high esteem and good reputation and has a suitable work experience.

Members of the State Council shall be selected from the following categories:
- Former ministers and under secretaries or those of similar status;
- Former ambassadors;
- Former senior judges;
- People of competence and expertise in the fields of science, literature, and culture, in addition to academicians of university colleges and institutes of higher education;
- Notable figures and businessmen;
- Persons who have accomplished noble services for the country.
- Whoever is deemed fit by His Majesty the Sultan for membership of the Majlis and may not fit any of the above categories.

- Conviction of any offence of dishonesty unless otherwise granted judicial pardon.
Incompatibilities - Members of the Consultative Council
- Holders of public post.
- Membership of military bodies or security apparatus, unless two years have passed since retirement or resignation at the time of registration.
Candidacy requirements N/A (members are appointed)

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