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Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal (House of Representatives)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Staten-Generaal / States General
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal / House of Representatives
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal / Senate
Dates of election / renewal (from/to) 12 September 2012
Purpose of elections The elections gave a clear lead over their rivals to two mainstream political parties. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte's People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, which promised a reduction of the national budget deficit, came in first, taking 41 in the 150-member House of Representatives. Mr. Diederik Samsom's Labour Party, which promised more stimulus plans, followed with 38 seats.

Mr. Rutte and his 18-month-old government had resigned in April 2012 after a coalition ally, the Freedom Party, refused to support the government's austerity package.
Date of previous elections: 9 June 2010

Date of dissolution of the outgoing legislature: 19 September 2012

Timing of election: Early elections

Expected date of next elections: September 2016

Number of seats at stake: 150 (full renewal)

Number of candidates: 972 (669 men, 303 women)

Percentage of women candidates: 31.17%

Number of parties contesting the election: 21

Number of parties winning seats: 11

Alternation of power: Not applicable*
*The composition of the government had changed before the 2012 elections.

Number of parties in government: 2

Names of parties in government: People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), Labour Party (PvdA)

Date of the first session of the new parliament: 20 Sep. 2012

Name of the new Speaker: Ms. Anouchka van Miltenburg (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, VVD)
Voter turnout
Round no 112 September 2012
Number of registered electors
Blank or invalid ballot papers
Valid votes
9'462'223 (74.57%)
Distribution of votes
Round no 1
Political Group Candidates Votes %
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 75 2'504'948 26.58
Labour Party (PvdA) 167 2'340'750 24.84
Socialist Party (SP) 60 909'853 9.65
Party for Freedom (PVV) 49 950'263 10.08
Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 57 801'620 8.51
Democrats 66 (D66) 50 757'091 8.03
Christian Union 50 294'586 3.13
Green Left 42 219'896 2.33
Reformed Political Party (SGP) 30 196'780 2.09
Party for the over 50 (50Plus) 34 177'631 1.88
Party for the Animals (PvdD) 25 182'162 1.93
Distribution of seats
Round no 1
Political Group Total Number of women
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 41 16
Labour Party (PvdA) 38 19
Socialist Party (SP) 15 5
Party for Freedom (PVV) 15 3
Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 13 4
Democrats 66 (D66) 12 5
Christian Union 5 2
Green Left 4 2
Reformed Political Party (SGP) 3 0
Party for the over 50 (50Plus) 2 0
Party for the Animals (PvdD) 2 2
Distribution of seats according to sex
Percent of women
Distribution of seats according to age
Distribution of seats according to profession
House of Representatives (01.01.2015, 01.01.2017)

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