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Assemblée nationale
Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Committee on Communication, Fundamental Rights and Liberties

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Assemblée nationale
Date of creation June 2002
Last renewal date
Mandate The Committee makes recommendations to public bodies; drafts proposals for new laws; examines draft legislation; scrutinises the respect of international standards; and examines the human rights situation nationally and internationally.
Membership The Committee is composed of a Chairperson, a Rapporteur, a Joint Rapporteur and nine ordinary members; in all, 12 deputies coming from different political backgrounds.
Working methods The Committee holds its meetings at the discretion of the Chairperson or at its members' request. It conducts fact-finding missions within the country and meets with government officials, and regional administrators. It makes decisions by consensus, or failing that, by a vote among its members.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Committee is in permanent contact with the Security Committee, especially in connection with atrocities committed by men in uniform. Relations are also maintained with the other standing committees of the National Assembly.
Relations with external bodies Human rights NGO's request the Committee's collaboration in the denunciation of human rights violations. The National Committee on Human Rights sometimes requests the Committee's intervention to help with cases of human rights violations. The mediator collaborates with the Committee for some missions of conciliation.
Subjects dealt with The Committee studyied a complaint submitted by the inhabitants of the Goudji district, in N'djaména, threatened with expulsion by a local administration, in response to a complaint submitted against them by the ASEGNA. The Chairperson of the Committee took part in a campaign (14 to 27 November 2002), sponsored by the NGO EIRENE, for the prevention and settlement of the conflicts between breeders and farmers in the south of the country.
Main address Assemblée nationale
BP 01
Phone ...
Fax (+235) 53 00 95
E-mail ...
Name Mr. Idriss Abgrène Djibrine
Notes President
Address (if different from above)
Phone (+235) 29 80 20 / 53 03 86 / 29 29 69 / 29 80 80
Fax ...
E-mail aldjibali@yahoo.fr
Name Mr. Ahmat Saleh Bodoumi
Notes Premier Rapporteur
Address (if different from above)
Phone (+235) 841 05 43
Fax ...
E-mail bodoumi@intnet.td
web site:
Name Mr. Mahmat Seinibi
Notes Secrétaire général de l'Assemblée nationale
Address (if different from above)
Phone (+235) 29 65 94
Fax ...
E-mail ...
web site:

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