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Assemblée nationale (National Assembly)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Assemblée nationale / National Assembly
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 1 January 1900
Mode of designation directly elected 188
Constituencies 116 electoral districts, including 70 smaller communal districts. Seats aredivided up among these districts on the basis of population:
- one seat is automatically allocated to each electoral district with a population of 50,000 inhabitants or less (91 districts fell into this category)
- an additional seat is allocated for each additional tranche of 40,000 inhabitants (25 districts fell into this category)
- in both cases, a seat is allocated if the remainder is 30,000 inhabitants or more.
Voting system Mixed: Mixed system:
- absolute majority vote in two rounds in the 25 single-member constituencies
- party-list system in the 34 multi-member constituencies. Each list bears two to five names. Any list which obtains the absolute majority of votes in a constituency is awarded all the seats therein. In a contrary case, seats are distributed proportionately according to the votes obtained by each list. Remaining seats are allocated according to the highest average formula.
Vacancies arising between general elections are filled through by-elections held within three months. No such election takes place within 12 months of the end of the legislature's term.
Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - age: 18 years
- Chadian citizenship
- full possession of civil and political rights
- disqualifications: insanity, criminal conviction, undischarged bankrupts, contempt of court, prison sentence of at least two months for certain offences
Eligibility Qualified electors
- age: 25 years
- Chadian citizenship
- residence in country for at least one year
- ability to read and write French or Arabic
- ineligibility: persons under guardianship, those having acquired Chadian nationality in the last 10 years
Incompatibilities - Some senior officials, members of the armed forces or administrators who laid down their office in the district in which they are standing for election less than six months previously
Candidacy requirements - presentation by the political parties by means of lists of candidates containing as many names as there are seats to be filled in each district
- deposit of CFA 250,000 reimbursed if the candidates obtains at least 10% of the votes cast in the constituency.

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