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Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Commission on Youth and Sport Affairs

Type of parliamentary body Multifunctional
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Seimas
Date of creation 5 December 1996
Last renewal date 2 December 2008
Mandate The Commission's main task is to take care about formation and implementation of youth and sports policy; in order to pursue its mandate, the Commission takes part in considering the laws and legal acts concerning youth and sports affairs, prepares proposals to the Seimas (Parliament), to its Committees and Commissions; introduces draft laws on youth and sports affairs; analyses the matters regarding the youth education, studies, social and health security, crime prevention, employment, accommodation providing problems; collects information about the implementation of laws and other legal acts related to youth and sports affairs.
Membership The Commission on Youth and Sport Affairs has 16 members, among which the Chair and the Deputy Chair are appointed. Seimas Members are represented in the Commission in proportion to the representation of factions in the Seimas. The Seimas approves the list thus compiled.
Working methods Items on the agenda are proposed by Commission members, the National Council for Youth Affairs, and non-governmental youth organisations, or placed on the agenda by decision of the Seimas in plenary sitting. In all cases but the decision of the Seimas, Commission members vote on whether to place the proposal on the agenda or not. The work of the Commission is organised into sittings. These usually take place at least once per month. More than half of the Commission members must be present for there to be a quorum. Sittings are usually open. The Commission has a right to organise on-site inquiries, and to summon representatives of government, ministries or State institutions, as well as representatives of NGOs. Decisions in the Commission are taken by simple majority vote. If the votes are distributed equally, the vote of the Chair is decisive. In case the votes are distributed equally and the Chair is absent, the vote of the Deputy Chair is decisive. The Commission makes public reports on its work, which are available on the official Website in Lithuanian.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The members of the Commission and its Secretariat may participate in sittings of other committees and commissions of the Seimas when the questions discussed relate to youth and sports affairs. Also, the Commission may organise joint sittings with committees or commissions to discuss questions of common concern. Reports of the work of the committees and commissions are published in the official newspaper of the Seimas ("Seimo Kronika") in Lithuanian. The agendas of the committees and the commissions are available on the official Website of the Seimas.
Relations with external bodies Representatives of government departments are invited to Commission sittings whenever their report on state of youth and sports affairs is considered to be of importance to the mandate of the Commission. Non-governmental youth organisations receive the agenda of the Commission in advance and their representatives are invited to participate in its sittings.
Subjects dealt with During the period of the year 2002-2008, the Commission discussed the following issues: the problems of youth housing; financing problems of the Association of Lithuanian students; draft law amendment on the Physical Culture and Sport Law, Draft National Strategy of Sport for all Development (Stimulation of physical activity of Lithuanian population in 2008-2020).
Main address 53 Gedimino Avenue
01109 VILNIUS 2
Phone ...
Fax +370 5 239 68 17
E-mail ...
Website http://www.lrs.lt/
Name Mr. Zilvinas Silgalis
Notes Chairman
Address (if different from above)
Phone +370 5 239 66 14
Fax +370 5 239 68 17
E-mail Zilvinas.Silgalis@lrs.lt
Website ...
Name Ms. Jurgita Petniunaitè
Notes Consultant
Address (if different from above)
Phone +370 5 239 68 33
Fax +370 5 239 68 17
E-mail jupetn@lrs.lt
web site: ...
Name Ms. Rasa Ramonaité
Notes Adviser
Address (if different from above)
Phone +370 5 239 67 39
Fax +370 5 239 68 17
E-mail raramo@lrs.lt
web site: ...

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