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Council of Representatives of Iraq (Council of Representatives of Iraq)

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Parliament name Council of Representatives of Iraq
Structure of parliament Unicameral
Electoral Law 2 December 2013
Election Law No. (45)
Mode of designation directly elected 320
other 9
Constituencies 18 governorate-based constituencies for 329 seats including 9 seats reserved for minorities.
Breakdown for the 320 seats apportioned to each governorate:
Anbar: 15
Babil: 17
Baghdad: 71 (including 1 seat for Christians and 1 seat for the Sabean)
Basra: 25
Diyala: 14
Dahuk: 11 (including 1 seat for Christians)
Erbil: 15 (including 1 seat for Christians)
Karbala: 11
Kirkuk: 14 (including 1 seat for Christians)
Missan: 10
Muthana: 7
Najaf: 12
Ninewa: 35 (including 1 seat for Christians, 1 seat for the Yzidi and 1 seat for the Shabak)
Qadissiya: 11
Salahaddin: 12
Sulaymaniya: 18
Dhi-Qar: 19
Wassit: 11 (including 1 seat for Fayli Kurds)
Voting system Proportional: Proportional representation system
- Seats shall be allocated according to the Sainte-Laguë method.
- The candidate who secures the highest number of votes on the list shall be elected while ensuring that a woman candidate is elected after every three winning male candidates, thereby allotting 25 per cent of seats to women.
- Voting is not compulsory.
Voter requirements - Iraqi citizenship
- age: at least 18 years
- Legally competent persons
- Registration on the voters' list
Eligibility - qualified voters
- Iraqi citizenship
- age: at least 30 years
- Possession of a high-school certificate
- Persons covered by the de-Baathification law (the Accountability and Justice law, which restricts the political participation of high-ranking officials of the dissolved Baath Party);
- Persons convicted of a crime violating honour;
- Persons who have enriched themselves in an illegitimate manner at the expense of the homeland and public finance
- Persons who are members of the armed forces at the time of their nomination
Incompatibilities - other official positions.
Candidacy requirements - Each party list must comprise at least one woman among every three nominees.

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