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Majlis al-Mustacharin (House of Councillors)

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Parliament name (generic / translated) Barlaman / Parliament
Structure of parliament Bicameral
Chamber name (generic / translated) Majlis al-Mustacharin / House of Councillors
Related chamber (for bicameral parliaments) Majliss-annouwab / House of Representatives
Electoral Law 17 August 1997
Last modifications: 21 November 2011 (loi organique no- 28/11)
Mode of designation indirectly elected 120
Constituencies (not applicable)
Voting system : Indirect election: Members of the House of Councillors are elected though a proportional representation list system that uses the largest remainder rule and does not allow for either free-list (panachage) or preferential voting. However, in cases where only one councillor is to be elected by an electoral college, that individual is elected through a single-member ballot decided by a simple majority.
Voter requirements - member of electoral college
Eligibility - age: 30 years
- Moroccan citizenship
- member of respective electoral college

Ineligibility for election:
- Members of the House of Representatives;
- Naturalized Moroccans during the five years following their naturalization;
- Those convicted by a court of law;
- The judiciary;
- Judges serving in the Court of Accounts and the regional courts of audit;
- Directors of central departments of the Ministry of the Interior, governors (walis) of the regions, governors of the sub-regional provinces or prefectures, secretaries-general of the provinces, prefectures or metropolitan prefectures, heads (pachas) of urban administrative areas, chiefs of staff of walis or provincial governors, heads of districts within a city, heads of a cercle (subprovincial administrative area), heads (caid) or deputies (khalifa) of sub-cercle administrative areas; and officials responsible to caids (chioukhs and moqademines);
- Members of the royal armed forces and law enforcement officials;
- Inspectors of finances and interior affairs;
- The Treasurer General of the Kingdom and the regional treasurers.
Incompatibilities - Members of the Constitutional Court;
- Members of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and Chairs of regional councils;
- Leaders of regional councils;
- Leaders of a professional association; leaders of the council of a municipality, prefecture, province or metropolitan municipality; leaders of a group of subnational administrative areas (collectivitiés territoriales);
- Members of the Government:
- All non-elected officials in the State administration, subnational administrative areas, public bodies, other legal entities governed by public law or companies that are more than 30 per cent state-owned, with the exception of a temporary mission, whose counsellor may be appointed by the Government;
- Non-elected officials in the paid service of a foreign State, an international organization or an international non-governmental organization.
Candidacy requirements (not applicable)

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