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Parliamentary bodies dealing with human rights :
Petition Commission

Type of parliamentary body Specialized
Nature Permanent
Related to chambers Seimas
Date of creation 12 October 1999
Last renewal date January 2009
Mandate The Petition Commission resolves issues related to the recognition of an application as a petition, as well as the acceptance of petitions for their consideration. A "Petition" is a written application addressed to the Seimas (Parliament), containing demands or proposals for resolving human rights problems, reforming government institutions, the administration and other issues. Such petitions may imply that a new law should be passed or that an existing law should be amended, supplemented or annulled.
Membership Nine members of the Seimas, nominated for 4 years
Working methods The Petition Commission works according to the Law on Petitions, which specifies the procedure for the consideration of applications and petitions. All Commission meetings are public. The Commission has the power to organise on-site inquires and hearings or to summon government officials. All decisions are taken by a majority of votes. Once it has considered a petition, the Commission presents to the Seimas conclusions as to how meet to the meeting of the demands and proposals put forward in the petition. In the event that a conclusion is reached, a draft of an appropriate law may be prepared or it may be proposed to set up a action group to prepare a draft law. The Commission presents an annual report, which is presented for Seimas.
Relations with other parliamentary bodies The Commission has close contacts with all Seimas committees and commissions. It has the right to ask them to provide opinions, necessary material and to invite their members to its own meetings.
Relations with external bodies The Committee has the right to consult experts; to request that State institutions, universities , or other educational institutions provide opinions and other necessary material; and to invite representatives of State institutions, except courts, to their meetings in order to hear their evidence and views.
Subjects dealt with The Commission recently considered proposals to amend the law on State pensions, the law on Referendum, the law on State Social Insurance Pensions and others.
Main address Gedimino 53,
Phone +370 52 39 68 19
Fax +370 52 39 65 19
E-mail jasnia@lrs.lt
Website www.lrs.lt
Name Ms. Ona Valiukeviciute
Notes Deputy Chairperson
Name Ms. Danute Bekintiene
Notes Chairperson
Name Ms. Janina Sniaukstiene
Notes Head of office of the Commissions
Address (if different from above)
Phone +370 52 39 68 19
Fax +370 52 39 65 19
E-mail jasnia@lsr.lt
web site: ...

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