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    Standing Committee on United Nations Affairs

In order to better respond to the growing partnership between the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the United Nations, a dedicated Committee on United Nations Affairs was established in the spring of 2007. Initially, the Committee was meeting once a year in plenary session, during the fall Assembly of the IPU. At its first session in October 2007, the Committee adopted an IPU Policy paper on the nature of the relationship between the United Nations and the world of parliaments, subsequently endorsed by the IPU member Parliaments and circulated in the United Nations General Assembly.

In October 2013, this IPU body was transformed into a Standing Committee on United Nations Affairs. Its Bureau is composed of 18 members.

The Standing Committee has a broad mandate, which includes:

  • evaluating progress in the cooperation between the IPU and the UN system, and proposing strategies for further action;
  • convening hearings with senior UN officials;
  • examining how parliaments organize their work vis--vis the United Nations;
  • examining and making suggestions for more structured cooperation with the United Nations by regional parliamentary organizations and assemblies;
  • examining the overall working of the United Nations and its reform, in particular in terms of system-wide coherence, institutional effectiveness and the use of public funds.

UN Secretary General candidates reach out to parliaments
A new Secretary-General of the United Nations will be appointed this year. As part of IPU’s commitment to greater engagement between the UN and the world’s parliaments, we have asked candidates for the UN Secretary-General post to share their vision of how the two global organizations will work together to meet the many challenges of our time. Find out what they had to say on how this could be achieved.

To date, field missions have been conducted to pilot countries implementing the "Delivering as One" reform of UN operations at the national level. These missions have sought to evaluate progress in ensuring greater system-wide coherence, including in terms of greater involvement by parliament in the elaboration of national development plans and the monitoring of aid effectiveness.

Committee reports and other documents