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    Annual Parliamentary Hearings

Every year during the fall session of the General Assembly the IPU organises a Parliamentary Hearing as an opportunity for members of parliaments to exchange views with United Nations officials, representatives of United Nations diplomatic community, as well as scholars and leading academics. The meeting is usually opened by the United Nations Secretary-General and the President of the IPU. Hundreds of parliamentarians from every region of the world participate.

Originally designed as a briefing session on a variety of topics, the meeting has evolved over the past few years into a substantive and interactive debate on the main issues of the international agenda. The conclusions and recommendations of the Hearing provide a parliamentary input into the work of the relevant bodies of the United Nations. The role of the Parliamentary Hearing as "a regular feature of the programme of events held at United Nations Headquarters on the occasion of the sessions of the General Assembly" was highlighted in a resolution of the General Assembly.

The annual Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations is organised in close cooperation with the relevant United Nations Departments, which also assist in the preparation of substantive background notes on the issues under consideration, with a particular focus on their parliamentary dimension. The debates therefore serve two main purposes: to help parliamentarians better understand United Nations decision-making processes and the status of negotiations on a variety of issues; and, conversely, to make it possible for parliamentarians from a large number of countries to take a fresh look at the questions on the table and convey to United Nations Member States their views born out of their own national and local experiences.
To view detailed information about Parliamentary Hearings organised by the IPU, select an event from the list below:
red cube 2017 Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations "A World of Blue: Preserving the oceans, safeguarding the planet, ensuring human well-being in the context of the 2030 Agenda" (13 - 14 February 2017)
red cube 2016 Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations "The World Drug Problem: Taking Stock and Strengthening the Global Response" (8 - 9 February 2016)
red cube 2014 Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations "Ensuring a people-centred approach to the new SDGs: A shared responsibility" (19 - 20 November 2014)
red cube 2013 Parliamentary Hearing at the United Nations "Re-thinking sustainable development: the quest for a "transformational" global agenda in 2015" (14 - 15 November 2013)
red cube 2012 Annual Parliamentary Hearing "A road less travelled: parliamentary approaches to conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace building" (6 - 7 December 2012)
red cube 2011 Annual Parliamentary Hearing "Strengthening political accountability for a more peaceful and prosperous world" (28 - 29 November 2011)
red cube 2010 Annual Parliamentary Hearing "Towards economic recovery: rethinking development, retooling global governance" (2 - 3 December 2010)
red cube2009 Annual Parliamentary Hearing "The Way Forward - Building political support and implementing effective responses to the global economic crisis" (19 - 20 November 2009)
red cube 2008 Annual Parliamentary Hearing "Towards effective peacekeeping and the prevention of conflict: Delivering on our commitments" (20 - 21 November 2008)
red cube Parliamentary Hearing at the 62nd United Nations General Assembly: Reinforcing the Rule of Law in International Relations: The Key Role of Parliaments (20 - 21 November 2007)
red cube Parliamentary Hearing at the 61st United Nations General Assembly: Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building: Reinforcing the Key Role of the United Nations (13-14 November 2006)
red cube Parliamentary Hearing at the 60th United Nations General Assembly: Shared Responsibility for a Stronger United Nations to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century (31 October - 1 November 2005)
red cube Parliamentary Hearing at the 59th United Nations General Assembly: From disarmament to lasting peace: Defining the parliamentary role (19-20 October 2004)
red cube Parliamentary Hearing at the 58th United Nations General Assembly (27 October 2003)
red cube Report on the Parliamentary Hearing at the 57th United Nations General Assembly (19 November 2002)
red cube Report on the Parliamentary Hearing at the 56th United Nations General Assembly (4 December 2001)